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As the latest in high-tech surveillance software and remote computer spy software, Realtime-Spy is the that allows you to REMOTELY INSTALL the monitoring software on any computer you own and access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal Remote Spy Software Webspace!

No need for remembering IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC – all you have to do is point your browser to your own Remote Spy Software website address to view logs from any machines you deploy Remote Spy Software on! All logs are password protected and securely stored for your eyes only. Remote Spy Software is the optimal remotely installable, remotely viewable monitoring software.

It can log and record just about anything a user does on your computer, as well as display, in real-time, what users are doing and typing.

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Remote Computer Spy Software is a remote spy software solution that requires no physical installation, and is the first product to allow you to truly view activity logs from any location at any time!

  • Logs Keystrokes typed
  • Logs Website Visits
  • Logs Website Visit Durations
  • Logs Applications and Windows Ran
  • Logs Application Usage Durations
  • Logs Internet Connections Made
  • Logs Files and Documents Viewed
  • Logs Chat Conversations
  • Logs Screenshots
  • Logs Email Activities
  • Logs User Total Active/Idle Times
  • Monitor your PC from Anywhere
  • Real-time Activity Viewing
  • Real-time Keystroke Viewing
  • Graphical Top 10 Reports
  • Secure Online Log Storage
  • View Logs from any Location
  • Check Logs at Any Time
  • Remote Log Archiving
  • Disables Spyware Detectors
  • Runs in Total Stealth once Installed!
  • Remotely Installable!
 What can be logged

Logs MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AOL/AIM, All Popular Web-Browsers, MySpace, Facebook, Emails and Webmail, and much more!

Realtime Remote Spy can Defeat Microsoft™ AntiSpyware and other popular Spyware Detectors

Some Key Benefits of Remote Computer Spy Software:

  • Remotely Installable – No Physical Presence Needed!
    No physical presence is needed for installation – Remote Spy Software can be installed by sending a single file to the target computer you own. To install, the user of your computer only has to accept the monitoring software installation notice. It can later be uninstalled from a remote computer without physical interaction. Its logging settings can also be configured remotely without having to reinstall the logging software on the monitored computer.
  • View Activity Logs from Any Location, at Any Time
    Its web-based log viewing system allows you to view captured activity logs at any time, and from any location, via your own secure personal web-space. Activity logs are presented in easy-to-read web pages that are organized by activity type for quick viewing and management. Logs are categorized so multiple users on multiple computers can be monitored together without any confusion.
  • Comprehensive Activity Logging and Real-time Activity Viewing
    Its monitoring features allow you to record everything users do on your computer. Remote Computer Spy Software can log keystrokes, passwords, website activity, application usage, file and document usage, internet connections, chats and emails, screenshots, and more. It can also display activities and keystrokes in real-time, as they occur.
  • Completely Secure, Stealth Monitoring
    Remote Spy is designed to be an invisible and secure monitoring system. It cloaks itself after it is installed, and does not reveal itself to the user on their desktop or programs menu (unless you want it to). It can also disable popular anti-spies that may interfere with its operation. The web access is password protected so only you can view activity logs.

Faqs of Remote Computer Spy Software:

  • I configured Remote Spy Software, now how do I deploy the software remotely?
    You will need to distribute the Remote Spy Software module you created while running the RTSConfig.exe application. This file you created is the file you will send and run on other PC’s. For detailed e-mail and network deployment steps please refer to your product documentation that was installed with Remote Spy Software.
  • Will users know Remote Spy Software is installed when they run it?
    No – unless you chose the "alert user" option – users will not know any software is being installed when they execute the Remote Spy Software module you created.
  • How do I view my logs?
    To view your activity logs for Remote Spy Software simply point your browser to the web site url/username – where your username is replaced by the username you received after purchasing. You will be prompted for your username and password – enter these as given to you when you purchased RTS.
  • Can others access my Remote Spy Software logs?
    Absolutely not! Every user has their own unique username and password that only THEY know. You must specify your username and password to login and view activity logs for your Remote Spy Software.

More Faqs of Remote Spy Software

Remote Computer Spy Software is the FIRST remotely installable spy software solution designed to provide convenient access to the monitored PC from ANY LOCATION without the use of IP addresses and direct connections to the remote PC!

It has a very large list of features. Below is a list of Its extensive features, organized by category for easy browsing. Click on a category to view its feature-set.

 More about remote installation More about activity monitoring
Remote Installation and Remote Access Features Activity Monitoring and Surveillance Features
More about security and stealth features More about ease of use features
Security and Stealth Features Ease of Use Features
    Remote Installation and Remote Access

More about realtime spy Remote Computer Spy Software’s logging capabilities are unmatched. It can log anything from what the user types, to the files they printed and programs they ran – all time stamped by date for easy viewing. All logs are easily saved and exported for later use. It can be configured to log all users on your computer with ease.

  • Remote Installation, Configuration, and Removal
    Remote Installation without physical presence needed for installation. Remote Computer Spy Software can later be uninstalled and permanently disallowed from running on a remote computer, again without physical interaction with the remote computer. Its logging settings can be enabled or disabled remotely without having to reinstall the logging software on the monitored computer.Click here to Read How it Works!

  • Logging Access Anytime, Anywhere
    24/7 access to the monitored PC, from any location via your personal website address given to you after you purchase! Activity logs are updated every half-hour for constant review.

  • Centralized User Logging and Tracking
    Log and record MULTIPLE PC’s from ONE REMOTE LOCATION without any extra configuration – just click what user names you want to view logs for! Usernames are categorized by what PC they are logged under for easy user selection. [see screenshot]

  • Real-time Activity and Keystroke Viewing
    As Its name implies, it can show you what actions users do in real-time at the exact instant they perform an action – from programs being opened and closed, to file activity and website visits. Remote Computer Spy Software can also display what users are typing in real-time, as they type. [see screenshot]

  • Flexible with Internet Connections
    It can monitor any PC regardless of its Internet connection. Most other remote Deploy monitoring solutions will not work behind a hardware firewall, router, LAN, or if they are on a dialup connection – but Remote Computer Spy Software will! No matter what Internet connection the remote PC uses, you will be able to view logs from your software webpage.

  • Advanced Stealth and Cloaking
    It runs in COMPLETE STEALTH and cloaks itself to hide from the remote user! The file you send to the remote user is able to be discarded and deleted – without affecting Its monitoring process! It is also invisible in the Windows task manager on all Windows platforms!
  • Extremely Small:
    Extremely small file size for easy and fast remote deployment (only 104kb! – smaller than an image!) The filename of the file you send is fully customizable as well!

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    What Remote Computer Spy Software can Record and Log
 Learn more about realtime-spyRemote Computer Spy Software is a powerful activity logging computer spy software that can log activities that users on your computer perform. It can log what keystrokes they type, websites they visit, chat room conversations, emails, and much more!

  • Keystrokes Typed
    Log all keystrokes typed by the user. Logs are automatically pre-formatted from backspaces for easy web viewing via your secure Remote Computer Spy Software webspace.
  • Real-time Activity and Keystrokes Viewing
    Remote Computer Spy Software allows you to see what users do in real-time. It will show you programs opened and closed, windows viewed, documents opened or printed, files deleted or created, and websites visited in real-time, as the user performs the actions. Remote Computer Spy Software can also show you every keystroke users type in real-time.
  • Email Forwarding (Remote Computer Spy Software PLUS only)
    Have all emails that a user sends and receives forwarded to your own private email account for later viewing. Now you can see all email activity that is going on when you are not around.
  • Events Timeline Logging
    Log all events users performed and view them in an organized chronically ordered listing. The Events Timeline lets you view what the events the user performed, in the order they did them. Events logged include Program Starts/Stops, Website Visits, Document Viewings and Printings, and more.
  • Desktop Screenshots
    Log screenshots of the active window the remote user is working in and interacting with.
  • Websites Visited
    Log all websites visited by the user. Remote Computer Spy Software supports all the popular browsers (AOL, IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc).
  • Internet Connections
    Log all internet connections made and attempted by the user. Logs include the remote host/port and local host/port.
  • Windows Opened
    Log all windows opened and used by the user.
  • Chat Conversations
    Monitor and log both sides of all chat conversations made on chat clients. Supported clients include the latest versions of: AOL (including 9.0 and Optimized), AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Triton, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger (including 6.x and 7.x), Excite Messenger, GoogleTalk, Skype, XFire, and ICQ.
  • Applications Ran
    Monitor and log all applications ran by users – Remote Computer Spy Software logs when the application was started, stopped, and how long it was actually used.
  • Print Jobs Executed
    Log all print jobs executed by the remote user – including those on portable/removable drives.
  • File Usage
    Log all files and folders created and deleted by the remote user.
  • Documents Viewed
    Log all files and documents viewed by the remote user.
  • System Information
    Record and monitor system information on the remote machine: uptime, memory, ram, and more. You can also remotely shutdown, reboot, restart, logoff, or freeze the remote PC as well!

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    Security and Stealth Features
Learn more about security and stealth featuresRemote Computer Spy Software is built with security in mind since it is remote based. Remote Computer Spy Software can operate in complete stealth, can be deployed remotely, and is password protected from outside users. Only you can access the remote PC.

  • Complete Stealth
    It is undetectable to all users. Using minimal PC processing cycles, Remote Computer Spy Software is not visible in any way to the user, and records and stores all logs without any user notification. Remote Computer Spy Software cloaks itself to hide from the remote user, so the original file you deploy can be deleted – yet the PC still stays monitored! Remote Computer Spy Software is also invisible in the Windows Task Manager.
  • Remote Deploy
    It can be remotely deployed easily with just a few clicks and minimal user configuration.

    • Email Deployment:
      simply send your configured Remote Computer Spy Software module to the remote PC. The user only has to run the attached file – they do not have to respond or send you any response to start monitoring – and they will not know they are being monitored! (optional splash notice available for non-stealth remote installs) Extra-Secure Email Deployment when combined with our Stealth Email Service!
    • LAN/Network Deployment:
      Easily deploy Remote Computer Spy Software over a network via network shares or logon scripts. No user interaction is needed!
  • Secure Password Protection
    All your logs are password protected via secure web encryption. Only YOU can access your secure log webspace to view logs! Remote Computer Spy Software does not put your monitored data at risk – as other remote monitoring tools do – by allowing direct connections to the remote PC for data retrieval: all data is securely stored on our servers for viewing ONLY BY YOU.
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
    It will not stop monitoring if the user reboots – it will ALWAYS record their activities.
  • Basic Remote Administration Remote Computer Spy Software allows you to remotely shutdown, restart, logoff, freeze, and lockdown the remote PC via your administration area!

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    Remote Computer Spy Software is Easy to Use!

More about the ease to use featuresRemote Computer Spy Software is very easy to use. All activity logs and remote computers can be viewed using your web-browser from any Internet-connected location. Setup is a breeze with our installation guide.

  • Easy to use Web Interface
    Its web interface is extremely easy to use – just point and click the logs you want to view!

  • Easy Log Management
    Its web interface allows you to clear individual logs, all logs, or entire users from your webspace in seconds!

  • Log Archiving
    Remote Computer Spy Software comes with an easy to use archive utility that allows you to download logs from your webspace for local log viewing and management.

  • Accessible Anywhere! Remote Computer Spy Software is accessible from any web-browser, from any location.
  • Easy to setup!
    Remote Computer Spy Software is extremely easy to setup and deploy – just enter in your username/password and you are ready to go!

  • Remote Uninstall
    Do not want Remote Computer Spy Software running anymore? You can remotely uninstall it via your Remote Computer Spy Software administration area.

  • Searchable Logs
    Quickly search the activity logs for keywords!

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    System Requirements
  • Windows NT4, 200x, XP, or Vista
  • Pentium Class PC (133mhz or higher)
  • 3MB Hard disk space

Feel free to login to one of our test accounts on the Remote Computer Spy Software server. This demo account will show you EXACTLY how your user account will look (just a different username to login with, and different logs of course), and how it works.

Click here to View the Online Demo

Remote Computer Spy Software can be used in many computer environments, and in countless ways. Here are a few possible uses for Remote Computer Spy Software.
  • Business Deployment
    Remote Computer Spy Software can be deployed over a business network in seconds and allow for easy centralized log viewing via the It webspace. All the network administrator has to do is point and click different users to view their activities! No physical presence is needed to monitor employees! Now network administrators can monitor multiple large networks from one convenient, secure location that is accessible anywhere!
  • Institutional Monitoring
    Remote Computer Spy Software can be used in schools and institutions to monitor the use of their public lab workstations. All workstations can be monitored from a remote location to ensure they are being used properly and not being misused by other users that are coming and going! Multiple rooms and networks can be monitored by one user from any location for convenient realtime
  • Personal Use
    Remote Computer Spy Software can be used by individual users to keep tabs on their own PC while they are away. It allows for easy remote viewing without any knowledge of the home PC connection (ie: dialup connections, lan, firewalls, etc).

Remote Spy
It can record any activity performed by a user on your computer. Click the link to read more.

Computer Monitoring
It can record any activity performed by a user on your computer. Click the link to read more.

Employee Monitoring
Keep track of what employees are doing during business hours. Are they playing games, or actually working? Click the link to read more.

Parental Control
It can be used by parents to monitor their children. Parents can now monitor their children from their workplace, or whatever else they have an internet connection!

Remote Monitoring
It allows you to see what others are doing on their computers – from any remote location. Click the link to read more.

Keystroke Logger
Log each and every keystroke a user types while using Windows. Including passwords and emails. Click the link to read more.

Internet Monitoring
Monitor and record all internet related activities – from websites visited, to internet chat conversations. Click the link to read more.

Thank you for considering Remote Computer Spy! We guarantee you will not be let down by its powerful capabilities. You may purchase Remote Computer Spy Software online via secure ordering, via phone/fax, or via postal mail.

All purchases come with unlimited, lifetime tech-support (in the rare case you need it), as well as free minor version upgrades, and full upgrades for 60 days! Extra seats can be purchased and added to the base purchase price to cover more PC’s if you have them!

Purchase the realtime-spy
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First License + Software: $79.95

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Purchase Remote Computer Spy Software for an Additional PC
Monitor more PC’s with your Remote Computer Spy Software software!
$19.95 per additional computer

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 Additional benefits to purchase the realtime-spy
Purchase Remote Computer Spy Software PLUS
The Below Features + Software: $99.95

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Remote Computer Spy Software PLUS gives you the following benefits over the standard Remote Computer Spy Software purchase:

Additional benefits to purchase the standard realtime-spyMonitor TWO computers instead of One ($19.95 value)
Additional benefits to purchase the standard realtime-spyPersonalized Custom Username ($9.95 value)
Additional benefits to purchase the standard realtime-spyPowerful Email Forwarding – Have any emails sent/received on the monitored computer sent to your email address.

More about realtime-spy telephone/fax purchaseRemote Computer Spy Telephone/Fax Purchase
You can purchase Remote Computer Spy Software via Telephone/Fax! Simply choose the Phone or Fax purchase method on our above online order forms. You will receive further instructions on how to complete your order!

More about realtime-spy postalRemote Computer Spy Postal Order
You can purchase the software via Postal Mail as well. Include the product you wish to purchase and your email address so we can deliver your software! You may pay via cash/money order/check. Make payments payable to:

Spytech Software and Design,Inc.
168 Tyler Road South
PMB 128
Red Wing, MN 55066

How Its Remote Install Works

It is the FIRST remotely installable monitoring solution designed to provide convenient access to the monitored PC from ANY LOCATION without the use of IP addresses and direct connections to the remote PC!

Realtime-spy installation

1. Before choosing Remote Computer Spy Software you must first acknowledge and agree to the fact that you are the owner of the remote PC you wish to install the software on. It is a federal and state offense to install monitoring/surveillance software on a PC of which you do not own.

2. It comes with a configuration program that allows you to create a remote install module that you e-mail to the remote PC you wish to monitor. You must attach this file you create to an email, and then send it to the remote PC. From there the user must download and run the attached file to install it. You can choose to enable or disable the ‘alert user’ option that Remote Computer Spy Software has. Once the user runs the file, their activities will be stored on our servers, so you can view them from any location – securely, of course.

3. To aid the install process, you can give any name to the install module you create – such as CoolPictures.exe or FunGame.exe (it must always end with the .exe extension to run).

4. Some e-mail systems may block executable attachments – do not worry, however, as this can be avoided. To bypass executable blocking by the remote e-mail server, you can drag and drop the Remote Computer Spy Software module into a WORDPAD or Microsoft Works document. From there you can email this doc file with the embedded executable to the remote user – if they open the doc, and double click the executable – then Remote Computer Spy Software will be installed. Zipping the file with software like Winzip also works.

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